Hydroseeding can be used for many applications. One of the most popular is the residential hydroseeding. McGlone Hydroseeding will be seeding your new lawn will provide and mix a load of material and spray it out over the lawn. One load of material will be grass seed, starter fertilizer, and a hydroseeding mulch. There may be other products in the mix designed to hold the material in place if it rains, to supercharge the growth ability, or to aid in holding moisture in the soil.

When your lawn is hydro seeded it will have a bright colorful look at first, but as this dries some of the colors will leave. The mulch usually will stay in place until the grass begins growing. McGlone Hydroseeding can seed a lawn without making much of a mess. If we do happen to get a little material on your house, walk or driveway, it will wash right off. It won't stain. It will even disappear on its own within a few weeks. In most areas of the country, lawns will often start growing within 5 to 7 days. Sometimes slow germinating grasses may be the only ones available in an area, or suitable for a job, so this may vary.

Hydroseeding is also popular for golf course construction, roadside work, commercial and industrial jobs, retention ponds, mine reclamation, re-vegetation projects and more. Often a larger machine is used for this type of work and the seed may be sprayed from a platform mounted gun. When hydroseeding with either a gun or a hose, any seed can be used.

Some of the seeds that can be hydro seeded are turf grasses such as bluegrass, ryegrass, fescue, centepede, bermuda, bahia, pasture mixes, timothy, millet, clover, crown vetch, native grasses, and wildflower mixes. Most turf type seed can be hydro seeded.