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Want a beautiful, green lawn for a fraction of the price of sod? You'll see results from hydroseeding within five to nine days, without the patchiness commonly caused by dry seeding.

Drill Seeding

Another alternative to sod is drill seeding. A tractor attachment allows multiple seeds to be planted and covered at a time, much like you would carefully plant a seed in a garden.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to all your hydroseed questions! Have questions that aren't answered here? Feel free to call us (406) 672-4835

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Want to learn more about hydroseeding and drill seeding, or ready to schedule an appointment? Get in touch with our team today to get on your way to a beautiful, green lawn.

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Green Lawns Start With McGlone Hydroseeding

You’ve just built a beautiful new home, but the lawn could use some TLC after the construction cleanup.

Your commercial building looks fantastic, but the land around it is looking a little brown and barren.

Give your yard the boost it needs with hydroseeding or direct drill seeding – two cost-effective alternatives to placing sod. Drill seeding allows grass seed to be placed at a certain depth and covered, while hydroseeding jumpstarts the germination process so you see results fast. Both methods offer different benefits, so call 406-672-4835 speak to one of our professional team members for a detailed breakdown of drill seeding versus hydroseeding.